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Korafax / Tower
Apr 15, 13 9:41 AM
HoT Raids
Mar 11, 13 12:37 PM
Fabled Time raid TBA
Mar 7, 12 10:01 AM
VoA T4 Gearing raid
Jan 23, 12 11:03 AM
Meldrath's Magnificent Mansion Raiding
Oct 18, 11 12:40 PM
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Welcome to Allies of Norrath

    Be patient we are presently working on the site to make it easy to use and visually pleasing.  If you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to post them in the General section of the forum under the topic New Site.  Fight Well Allies

Korafax / Tower

Griznak, Apr 15, 13 9:41 AM.
We completed the Mindshear event in Korafax, and Mindblight and Trophy Room events in Tower. We didn't get any overhaste clickies this run, but with some refinements in strategy it should be easier to farm these events. We can work towards completing Tower for the achievement.

HoT Raids

Griznak, Mar 11, 13 12:37 PM.
We have a new and very successful raid leader - Tanican - for HoT raids. We have beaten Tick Tock and The Roots of Evil. As our raid force grows I expect we can move up to VoA raiding.

Fabled Time raid TBA

Destinova(FoD), Mar 7, 12 10:01 AM.
Howdy Folks,

    Gumlakx has asked that I lead us on a Fabled Time raid.  Time is a LONG raid, but a lot of fun.  Be prepared to spend about 4 hours.  Since no one needs to be keyed anymore it might be a little shorter.  Once we hammer out a date I will make a signup on the calendar.  I look forward to seeing you all there.


VoA T4 Gearing raid

Griznak, Jan 23, 12 11:03 AM.
We had 30 people attend our first VoA T4 gear farming raid. After a slow start we took down Carnifex Korum once and Guard Tuankod twice. For loot we got Jagged Tooth Necklace, Glowing Alaran Cantrip, 2xEdge of Punishment.

Meldrath's Magnificent Mansion Raiding

Griznak, Oct 18, 11 12:40 PM.
Having completed Deepscar, Octa the Collector, Big Bynn and the 3 Steam Factory events we now have MMM raid access.
julertou 7/6/2015 7:28 AM
What's up, ya'll !
Waedon 3/3/2015 11:39 PM
party time
Waedon 1/12/2015 10:28 PM
happy new year
Waedon 11/21/2014 7:25 AM

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